What Is Internet Of Things (IoT)

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What is the Internet Of Things (IoT)

Today is the era wherever we are surrounded by internet from all sides. If you see your side, then you will see how many internet users are around you.

And this is also happening because the internet is such a thing, due to which we can do many things with much ease and in a short time. And not only that mobiles are connected to the Internet,

But nowadays, but many devices can also connect to the Internet and do such things. Which we hardly thought about 10,20 years ago.

Also, these devices connect to the Internet and make a huge and advanced network and this is what we call IoT i.e Internet of Things.

Now the Internet of things is it technically and simply, we will try to socialize you in details in today's article.

We start About Our main Topic Is About IoT and its Example.

What is IoT (internet of things)? :- 

See, I am not going to tell you any complex and very advanced technical definition in the article right now. I will try to tell you in a very simple way what is IoT after all. And how does it work?

Till you do not know these 2 things well, you will not what IoT.

Important Factor related to the Internet of Things (IoT)

So let’s start.

If you search this term on Google, you will get a lot of definite definitions of what IoT. And if you write this definition answer to any of the questions that come in your exam, then there will be no wrong in it.

Because no matter how different the definition is IoT after all these mean the same.


We begin with an explanation of this name of Internet of things.

What Are the meaning of Thing In the Internet of things  This word?

Things i.e. devices, that is, devices that are capable of connecting to the network. And which collects information about different types.

And Sending collected information to the network and another device which is connected to the network. transfer / send them to a specific destination. It is called a thing.

Now you know that we talk now.

What is the advantage of things?

What do things provide for us?


1. Identification of any particular thing or senses. And storing its data simultaneously

2. To collect separate separated pieces of information.

3. Processing to make usable on stored information.

6.Communication between other devices from one device connected to the network.

5. Terminate actuation

What is the Internet Of Things (IoT)?

Definition Of Internet Of Things (IoT):- IoT executes without human interference i.e. it is Machine to Machine communication which reduces human effort once if the system is deployed.  The IoT devices can create information about an individual’s behaviours, analyze it, and take action.

When the era of the internet started and internet-connected people to each other, we called it the internet of people.

And when the world of the internet became more advanced and connected different devices to the internet, we called it the internet of things(IoT).

You can get an idea of ​​the speed with which the internet has expanded by looking at the image given below.

what is iot growth
(Internet Of Things) IoT Growth

As you can see in the image

  • In 2003, the whole world had a population of 6.3 billion and at that time there were 500 million devices which were connected to the Internet.
  • In 2010 there was a world population of 4.7 billion. At this time the number of devices connected to the internet had increased more than the present people. It was 12.5 billion.
  • Similarly, in 2015, the number of devices connected to the Internet was 25 billion. When the population was 8.2 billion.
  • Right now, 50 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet in the year 2020.
    While currently, the world population is 6.7 billion.

What is the internet?

And now we all know what is the internet. That when many small networks are connected with each other. And also many other devices. And what makes a big network from them is what we call the internet.

Now knowing what the internet is and what things are, you must have understood the meaning of these two words. If we mix these two then our main term (Internet Of Things)IoT.

Internet of things means a network of physical objects–Things – in which different types of things i.e. devices are connected. Which use many types of sensors, software and other technologies. And collect information.

Whose main function is Sharing the collected information with other devices connected to the network and with the network system?

It has been revealed from the study that in today’s time a total of 9 billion devices are connected to the Internet.
And in the coming 5 years, that is, by 2025, 22 billion devices will be connected to the Internet.

Knowing this, you can guess how much scope of the internet of things is going to come later in this term, technology.

How (Internet Of Things) IoT Works?

Now you know what IoT. Now you have to know how IoT works.
In order to tell you about the working of IoT, we take the help of a very popular example of IoT.

And by example, you will also be very easy to understand the simple concept of IoT. So an example is a smart home.

Suppose you want to build a smart home.

So how will we use IoT in this?

What happens in (IoT)?

Like devices that have different sensors, Which sensors can be of different types. Such as smoke detector, temperature detector, Intensity detector,

Now you have these different sensors fixed in your house.
So if you have something like this, like ag increase the temperature of your house. Too much smoke,
Like this,

So the sensors you have installed will detect it. And if we have already provided those sensors with internet connectivity.

In this way, these sensors collected data. Will send to the cloud with the help of internet.
And we can see that data anyway. And if we install the devices in our house to avoid this, we can also connect them to the internet of things (IoT).

As if you believe that you go out of your house. And you remain a fan of your home.

So when there is no movement in the house for a long time, then any sensor installed by us, such as an ion detector, will detect that there is no one in the house.

And then according to that data, first you will send notification and then automatically they will stop it. So IoT works in this way.


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